Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fire Dept. Lantern, Mill Lantern, Vintage Oil Lamp, Collectibles

Okay winter got here was cold the last few days, woke up to the mid twenties etc. Highs are like top end of the 30's. Not what I like at all. Don't see many flea markets in the near future unless we get a few warm days. Just can't do that cold weather stuff anymore. Only things I did outside was go to the post office and the food store.

Added some neat lanterns and an oil lamp to the shop last week that I forgot to post here. Monday I bought a nice little lot of sterling silver goodies and other items. Some of the silver will go into my New Years Day Auction and some went into the shop. Also starting to dig into the postcard and pinback button pile. So I'll probably be pounding on the keyboard for the next couple of weeks.

Still stocking the shop for the holiday season that I'm not sure is going to happen, but ya gotta think positive, plus when the price is right ya gotta buy it.

A few new shop additions.

U.S.S. Olympia Commemorative Medal,  Admiral Dewey's Flagship
U.S.S. Olympia Commemorative Medal, Admiral Dewey's Flagship
Bronze commemorative medal 'You May Fire When Ready, Gridley' with image of the U.S.S. Olympia on the obverse. On reverse "Made from the propeller of Admiral Dewey's Flagship which served in the battle of Manila Baty May 1, 1898. 1-1/4 inches in diameter. Made in the 1960's.

More assorted medals in the shop.

Reddy Kilowatt Pin, Folder
Reddy Kilowatt Pin, Folder
Reddy Kilowatt pin still attached to the original card and reads,
“I’m a Busy Little Atom, I split myself in two. And multiply as many times, As I have jobs to do! I’ll work for you for pennies, I’m fast, efficient, steady…So any time…to ease your work –Just “plug in, folks – I’m Reddy! Copyright 1955 by Reddy Kilowatt, Inc.

More advertising collectibles in the shop.

Roy Rogers Post Grape Nuts Flakes Cereal Pinback Pin
Roy Rogers Post Grape Nuts Flakes Cereal Pinback Pin
A lithographed cereal premium pinback from Post Grape Nuts Flakes cereal from 1953. Has RB 'Roy's Brand' on the front. Post Grape Nuts Flakes 1953 inside the back. Approx. 1 inch in diameter. Has some scratches.

Uncle Wip See Me At Gimbels Pinback Button
Uncle Wip See Me At Gimbels Pinback Button
Vintage celluloid pinback button, 'See Me At Gimbels'. From what I can find 'Uncle Wip' was a childrens radio show broadcast live from Gimbels in Philadelphia. 1-1/4 inches in diameter. Philadelphia Badge Co. Inc. Phila, Pa. Not sure of the date. Nice condition.

More collectible pinbacks in the shop.

Oil Lamp with Flamingos, Frosted Glass Font
Oil Lamp with Flamingos, Frosted Glass Font
Vintage oil lamp with flamingos on the milk glass section of the base. They are a bit faded from age but still neat. Nice decorative frosted glass font. Has an iron base about 5 inches square. Total height to top of chimney is 20 inches.

Deitz King Fire Dept Lantern
Deitz King Fire Dept Lantern
Vintage Deitz King Fire Dept. lantern, brass frame with hinged cage. Tank is double wall constructed using an inner tank wall made of dipped tin. Needs cleaning and polishing, has dings and a few dents from fire department use.

Deitz Mill Lantern
Deitz Mill Lantern
Vintage Dietz Mill Lantern New York. The glass globe says Dietz Fits all. The lantern measures 13 1/2 inches. Patented 1910. Used in grist mills, can be padlocked. Some paintwear otherwise good condition.

Handlan Railroad Lantern, Red Globe
Handlan Railroad Lantern, Red Globe
A vintage railroad style Handlin lantern with short red globe. It is marked 'Property of C ? & E S Co. but lantern has been repainted and can't make out the other letter. Lantern is 10 inches tall not including bail. Nice average condition.

More oil lamps & lanterns in the shop.

Please stop by the shop for many more neat collectibles

See ya, Country Joe
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