Sunday, December 26, 2010

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***All items were available for sale at the time this blog was posted. Some move out rather quickly.***

Well we made it to Christmas 2010, now gotta work on Xmas 2011.

Did something completely different yesterday (Christmas Day), actually took a day off. Really, just answered a few emails in the morning. This is not easy for one who never takes a day off. Hung out on the couch, drank coffee, read the paper and a few magazines. Put on my robe because it was a little chilly and became a cat magnet. They sure like sleeping on a robe if your in it or not. Had a plate of manicotti (good Irish Christmas meal) for midday dinner, bowl of ice cream later. Some popcorn etc.

Snow is starting to accumulate out there, they're calling for a bunch of snow as the day goes on.

Guess I have to come up with some New Years resolutions this week, ones that I might actually keep. Hmmm?

Got some items together, took photos and added them to the shop. Got lots of stuff piled up to work on this week.

August 1989 Life Magazine, Woodstock
August 1989 issue of Life magazine, Woodstock: Where are they now? Volume 12, No. 9. Two decades after the great hippie happening, Life catches up to some of the people who were there. Great photos of the current volcanic eruption in Hawaii. etc. Average condition.

The Saturday Evening Post Magazine, April 18 1942
April 18 1942 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Grant Wood’s Last Painting. For What Are We Fighting?, Marina School in Wartime, Fort Jefferson (in color), Will Labor Lose the War?, Vintage Cars, Woman Industrialist Vivien Kellems. Magazine in very nice condition.

More Vintage Magazines in the shop.

Jaws / Universal Studios Florida Souvenir Spoon
Silverplated souvenir spoon from Jaws / Universal Studios Florida. Made in England by Galaxy. Spoon is about 4-3/4 inches. Nice condition.

More Souvenirs in the shop.

Mickey Mouse Hand Stand Magnetic Figure
Plastic Mickey Mouse doing a hand stand. Has magnet in base. About 3-1/2 inches tall. Walt Disney Productions, Hong Kong.

More Vintage Mickey Mouse Stuff in the shop.

Gillette Tech Safetty Razor Pre-1951 Gold Plated
Vintage Gillette Tech safety razor with solid ball end handle, razor is gold plated. Has Gillette logo etched on top plate. No date code, pre 1951. Uses standard double edge blades. Nice pre-owned condition.

Gem Single Edge Safety Razor Featherweight
Gem single edge safety razor silver colored with gold top cover, ivory colored plastic handle. Featherweight. Flip open top, marked Gem Razor inside. Has 'G' in circle on handle. Gem was made by American Safety Razor Corp., Brooklyn, NY. Nice used condition. Includes USA shipping.

More Vintage Razors in the shop.

Still adding some small odd & ends collectibles etc. to my CJoe's Cjoe's Online Collectibles Auction site. Gotta start working on putting less on ebay, but is going to take a while to build up eyeballs on this venture.

See ya later, Country Joe

Lots more Vintage Collectibles / Small Antiques in the shop. Including Vintage Postcards for Sale

***All items were available for sale at the time this blog was posted. Some move out rather quickly.***
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